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John Bolton

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reader Poll: Who Will Be the First Obama Official To Go? Gibbs or Geithner or ???

Incompetence in the Obama White House stems from the top down. That's all the more reason a scapegoat will be sacrificed!

Who will it be?

Treasury Secretary Geithner? The Doogie Howser of the Treasury Dept. The man who it was said was too important not to confirm but whose lack of competence has contributed to continued economic difficulties? The man who engineered the AIG bailout which included bonuses for executives?


WH Press Secretary Gibbs who seems to want to talk about Rush Limbaugh more than he wants to assure Americans Obama has a plan, let alone a clue, for dealing with the economic crisis.

What's your guess for who gets the axe first?


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