Trump in Poland

Trump in Poland

Trump the Toast of Paris!

Aren't you getting tired of the Trump haters who say he isn't liked by our allies?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's 3 AM. Do You Know Where Your Teleprompter Is?

Don't be the last Obamaton in your neighborhood to admit you made a mistake!

The latest Mike's America production. One minute:

Thanks to Flopping Aces commenter Philly_NJ for the creative catalyst!

Today's Reading Assignment:
  • End of the Honeymoon, By David S. Broder in the Washington Post
  • More than a bad day: Worries grow that Barack Obama & Co. have a competence problem, By Michael Goodwin in the New York Daily News
  • Does Obama Know What He is Doing?, by Dick Morris, Syndicated column

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