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John Bolton

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White House Slams Vice President Cheney Personally From Press Podium

So much for the pretense of a civil political discourse!

If you missed Dick Cheney's no holds barred interview with John King on Sunday it's here: Part one, two, three, four, five. Transcript here.

Cheney's comments were direct, highly critical and in response to the "blame Bush" rhetoric so common in Obama's speeches. But Cheney's critique wasn't personal. The White House response was:

Asked about Cheney's remarks by a reporter Gibbs said: "I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy, so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal."

Even the New York Times called the sneering remark "caustic" and added "say goodbye to all that inaugural-era goodwill."

Another reporter followed up by describing Gibb's answer as "hard hitting, sarcastic" and asked whether "that was the [Administration] attitude, the sanctioned tone towards the former Vice President of the United States? (video here).

Like Rush, Cheney spoke a powerful truth and the White House knows that it must attack any and all who dare to criticize Obama.

No hope and change on display here. Nothing more than the usual Democrat gutter politics!

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