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Friday, April 17, 2009

Documentarian Critical of Obama and Media Arrested for Asking Questions

The U.S. is looking more like Venezuela every day!

Documentary filmmaker John Ziegler, who blew the lid on how ill-informed Obama voters were and whose current film Media Malpractice describes describes how the "news" media helped Obama and targeted Sarah Palin, was arrested and manhandled by security personnel outside an event honoring journalistic excellence at the University of Southern California.

This is what you can expect if you dare to ask questions in the age of Obama:

Link: Ziegler Detained

Meanwhile, perhaps readers will recall that three years ago security personnel at the University of California at Santa Cruz were unable to prevent an angry violent mob of anti-war protesters from forcing military recruiters off campus despite the fact that university officials knew about the threat well in advance.

The lesson here is that liberal academics view free speech for conservatives and military recruiters as a greater threat than the mobs of radicals who routinely act in ways that deny others the full exercise of their constitutional rights.

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