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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties Take the Fight for Freedom to the Streets!

Protesters take the first step from words to action!

On Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of American citizens took to the streets in a spontaneous movement to protest big government, big spending, big taxing and Obama whose policies are the embodiment of all of the above. See Five Thirty Eight for the lowball crowd total.

Unlike the Rent-A-Mobs that union, communist "peace" groups or immigration activists regularly employ in their orchestrated bids for media attention, this groundswell of democratic expression was genuine and authentically American.

And that's why the Obama media was arrogant, dismissive, even derisive towards the effort if they mentioned it at all. More at Newsbusters.

But in hundreds of towns and cities all across the nation the story was too big to ignore.

Blogger Dee Speaks at Kansas City Tea Party


4,000-5,000 at Kansas City, Missouri Tea Party

Dee, who blogs at Conservatism with Heart was one of the featured speakers at a huge rally in Kansas City.

Dee addressing the crowd in Kansas City

Dee is another fine example of someone who doesn't just talk about political issues she does something about it. Her tireless efforts to support conservatives in Missouri who believe in smaller government and lower taxes hasn't gone unnoticed. Go listen to Dee's speech at the video on her page. Dee closed her remarks with the words of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who said: "We will need a brave "civic virtue," not a timid civility, to keep our republic." Amen sister!

People all over the country have realized that it's time to stand up and fight!

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