Friday, June 05, 2009

Disapproval of Obama On Sharp Rise

Date Night spending, GM's Union bailout, Sotomayor nomination and Obama's hubris may be catching up with him!

The Rasmussen polling graph for Friday:


In the comments section at Mike's America I've been keeping a semi-regular update on this chart and wondering how long it will be before the lines cross and the disapproval line is higher than the approval. We may be on the threshold of that moment.

While Obama remains popular personally, approval of his policies continues to plummet as voters wake up and realize this isn't what they meant by change.

The trends suggest that Republicans need not have any fear in opposing Obama. In fact, the greater danger for Republicans is to fail to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight their differences with Obama and lose what little support they have left among the conservative base of the GOP.

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