John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama Approval Numbers Sinking Further Faster!

If this keeps up it will be "bye bye Obama" in 2012!

A record uptick in Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index portends disturbing news for the Hopey-Changey brigades. This is the first time that the index has gone so sharply negative.


Other trends in this latest polling round include:

Recent Gallup and Qunnipiac Polls Show Similar Downward Obama Trends

Gallup's daily tracking poll for Obama approval also shows a record low of approval and record high disapproval.

Key findings in the Quinnipiac poll released July 2nd include:

  • The number who disapprove of the job President Obama are doing has risen 8 points, to 33% from the March 4, 2009 survey while those who approve have dropped by 2% to 57%
  • While the numbers who say Obama is doing better than expected or about expected remain steady, the number who say "worse than expected" has risen 5 points since March.
  • Approval for the job Democrats are doing in Congress has dropped five point since March while those disapproving has risen by the same amount.
  • Approval for the way Obama is handling the economy has dropped 5 points since March while disapproval has risen by 9.
  • While the number who approve of Obama's handling of foreign policy has remained relatively stationary at 55%, the number disapproving rose dramatically by 14% to 35%

Across the board it is becoming clear that Obama's approval is slipping. It is at the point now where some who voted for him are now having regrets and expressing their disapproval. If current trends continue, Democrats will be in an extremely vulnerable position in 2010.

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