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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Where Are the Jobs Obama?

Stimulus bill is failing to create new jobs. So why do Democrats want another big spending bill? Haven't they already paid off their ACORN/Union cronies?

There's talk this week about Democrats creating another monster stimulus spending bill. In a hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members quizzed Obama Administration officials about the effectiveness of the last big spending spree:

Only $57 billion spent and only 150,000 jobs created (meanwhile, we've lost millions more). That's $380,000 per job. And you think government will make your healthcare more affordable?

We can be proud that House GOP leaders are fighting back. Here's a video from the House Republican Conference:

Obama: Stimulus "It's Done It's Job?"

Here's a humorous take on the situation by House Republican Leader John Boehner:

Where Are the Jobs?

How can Democrats seriously suggest we need another stimulus bill? Haven't they spent enough in the first six months of Obama's aberration? Scott Malensk found this chart:


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