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Thursday, July 09, 2009

PAYOFF: Stimulus Spending Goes Overwhelmingly to Areas that Supported Obama

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Obama has already made sure the Teacher's & Auto Unions and ACORN got a huge payoff!

Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08
By Brad Heath
USA TODAYJuly 8, 2009

WASHINGTON — Billions of dollars in federal aid delivered directly to the local level to help revive the economy have gone overwhelmingly to places that supported President Obama in last year's presidential election.

That aid — about $17 billion — is the first piece of the administration's massive stimulus package that can be tracked locally. Much of it has followed a well-worn path to places that regularly collect a bigger share of federal grants and contracts, guided by formulas that have been in place for decades and leave little room for manipulation.

REPORT: Cities missing out on much needed road funds
STIMULUS FUNDS: States aren't using money as intended

There's no politics at work when it comes to spending for the recovery," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says.

Counties that supported Obama last year have reaped twice as much money per person from the administration's $787 billion economic stimulus package as those that voted for his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, a USA TODAY analysis of government disclosure and accounting records shows. That money includes aid to repair military bases, improve public housing and help students pay for college.

The reports show the 872 counties that supported Obama received about $69 per person, on average. The 2,234 that supported McCain received about $34.
Ah well, I suppose it's all one big coincidence. Right? Oh sure!

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