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John Bolton

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Massachusetts Fascist Assaults Reporter to Prevent Question to Dem Senate Candidate

Need proof the Dems will do anything to win? We have the video!

Here's John McCormack's story in the Weekly Standard. After answering questions outside a fundraising event with lobbyists in Washington, Massachusetts's Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat in next Tuesday's special election began walking away. Reporter McCormack attempted to ask another question as he followed. He was pushed to the ground and detained by a Democrat thug who ignored the press credentials McCormack was waving.

See the photo of the fascist thug Meehan seconds after pushing McCormack here.

Didn't Nancy Pelosi gush a few crocodile tears (video) over the possibility of violence as a result of opposition to Dems big government takeover? So, why is it that it's always the Dems who are caught perpetrating the violence? Whether it's a black man assaulted outside a Town Hall protest, a protester's finger bitten off or now, a reporter shoved to the ground and detained, the Fascist Dems will stop at nothing.

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