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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scott Brown Update: New Rasmussen Poll Within Margin of Error

Dems are starting to get worried. But will Brown peak too soon? Plus, Brown did centerfold for Cosmo in 1982!

From Real Clear Politics:


Notice how incredibly tight the race has become in the past week. Add to that Brown's stunningly successful one day fundraising push where he garnered $1.3 million and the momentum for the final week is clearly on his side.

Brown's lead among Independent voters is overwhelming as measured in both Rasmussen and PPP polls. Turnout is key to winning a special election and the energy level among Brown voters is strong. PPP found that 66% of likely Republican voters were excited about the race whereas only 48% of Democrat likely voters were also excited. Brown even wins a much higher percentage of Democrat voter than Coakley does GOP voters.

Obama won Massachusetts by 26 points. But likely voters in this race, according to PPP, voted for Obama by a 16 point margin. That's the same pattern that we saw in both Virginia and New Jersey. The new voters attracted to Obama in 2008 are not likely to vote in this election.
An internal memo from the Coakley campaign admits their weak position while begging for funds for a last minute wave of negative attack ads. And as Curt notes, Coakley flew to Washington, D.C. Tuesday night for a high priced fundraiser with big money lobbyists. Compare that to Brown's online fundraising coup the majority of which came from small donors. Once again, the Democrats are the party of big money and lobbyists while the GOP candidate is a man of the people.

Brown Has the Goods, According to Cosmo

Finally, a GOP candidate who's not a gray haired old man. But did you know that Brown was selected as “America’s Sexiest Man” in 1982 by Cosmopolitan Magazine? He even made the centerfold. That certainly can't hurt him in Massachusetts, where voters probably got tired of seeing the late Edward Kennedy in nearly as revealing a pose (see right).

Brown Win Would Be Political Earthquake

A win by Brown is no longer a longshot. Even the fact that the race has tightened this much in the final week must send tremors through the Democrat Party establishment in Washington. If Brown wins, the GOP would have the extra vote needed to block Dems on health care, provided they didn't try and delay his seating.

Vote with your wallet

Not a Massachusetts voter? You can help Brown by contributing to his campaign. And by doing so, you will also qualify for the Flopping Aces raffle of the John Yoo book "Crisis and Command."

click graphic to visit Brown contributions page

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