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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Democrat Admits Health Care is about "Controlling the People"

And you thought it was about health care?
Plus: Bill doesn't cover children as Obama said it would!

Look at the photo from yesterday's bill signing for "health care reform." You'll see Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) sitting next to President Obama as he signs the bill.

Speaking on the Paul W. Smith radio show on WJR-Detroit, Rep. Dingell said:

DINGELL: "It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."

Tens of Thousands to Die Waiting for Obama Care?

Dingell admits that if we accept the Dems claim that tens of thousands die every year from lack of insurance (they don't) that the bill signed by Obama will mean tens of thousands more will die while waiting for Obama Care to be implemented.

Writing at The Atlantic, Megan McArdle asks how supporters of Obama Care will ever prove the wild promises Obama Care claims to make. Sure, we will all watch as the deficit goes up and up and up even though Obama swore repeatedly it would go down. But what about the claim that this bill will prevent foreclosures of people who can't pay for their health care? How do you measure that?

What about the claim this bill was a jobs maker? Investor's Business Daily has an analysis that shows how the bill will be a jobs killer; with the insurance mandate especially punishing single parents seeking work.

And what about that claim to cover uninsured children immediately? On Saturday, Obama told House Democrats "This year ... parents who are worried about getting coverage for their children with pre-existing conditions now are assured that insurance companies have to give them coverage — this year." Just one problem... it's not true. The bill leaves a gap in coverage for children.

As I said before the bill was passed, voters will remember the phony promises that are worth as much as the campaign promises Obama has already broken. We'll watch as this "deficit neutral" bill becomes a larger drain on our resources than Medicare and Social Security are. Both those programs are wildly over the spending that was predicted when they were passed (see right).

Meanwhile, poorer Americans in need of health care will be left standing in line for years waiting for the bill to be implemented then sadly disappointed when they learn that it won't be "like Christmas "as one deluded Obamaton exclaimed earlier this week. It will only be like Christmas if you are used to getting a coal in your stocking instead of toys. Just ask Peggy Joseph, the Florida woman who claimed in 2008 that a vote for Obama meant he was going to put gas in her car and help with her mortgage. Yeah, how'd that work out Peggy?

Who will Democrats blame when this bill fails to deliver the nirvanna that they promised? Can't blame this one on Bush!

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