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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democrats Fan the Flames of Racial Hate with Lies

Phony charges of racial slurs are the equivalent of using the "n" word!

Since shortly before the health care takeover bill passed in Congress, Democrats have made wild, wholly unsubstantiated charges that their members have been the target of threats and racial slurs. It's suggested that Tea Partiers, who are being smeared with these inflammatory charges, are violent extremists and a threat to law and order (this is a follow on to Nancy Pelosi's charge that those who disagree with liberal radicalism are "unAmerican.")

Despite the fact that dozens of video cameras were trained on the crowds as black Congressmen returned to their Capitol Hill offices on Saturday, March 20 there is not one shred of evidence that any racial epithets or threats were hurled at these black members of Congress. [see the 3:20 mark of this video]

Yet major news media instantly reprinted the phony story based solely on the claims of Democrat congressmen, who despite carrying video cameras themselves, offered no proof.

Hate Born of Lies

Listen to the hate in this man's voice as he leaves a message for Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) late Wednesday night:

CALLER: Yes, uh. Yeah, I'm glad, uh. the president passed healthcare, yeah. Funky-ass, racist-ass Republicans hate that, don't you? Jean [sic] Smith, when you got hit by that car or when you fell or whatever, you should've broke your back, b***h. You, and Boehner motherf***er, that Mitch McConnell -- all you racist f***ing Republicans. Why don't you just change y'all's party name to "racist"? 'Cause if one of those little f***ing Teabaggers would've spit on me, I would have socked them in the f***ing face with my f***ing .09 mm. F*** all you racist motherf***ers.
"All you racist f***ing Republicans. Why don't you just change y'all's party name to "racist"? " Who put that idea in this man's head? It's very likely that his call was inspired by the outpouring of false media reports and the flame of racial hatred fanned by Democrats.

Let's not exclude the propagators of this kind of inflammatory hate who have spread these lies on blogs as well. We had quite a discussion on one post at Flopping Aces where a commenter repeated the big lie over and over and over again without one shred of evidence to back up his claim.

When the big lie gets told over and over it hardly matters that we respond with the truth. In this case, the lie is all that reached the mind of this twisted caller to Rep. Schmidt's office.

We must hold the purveyor's of these lies accountable just as they would hold us accountable if the Tea Partiers had been a racist mob. It's intolerable to simply allow these racebaiters and liars to continue spreading hate and fanning the flames of racism all to advance their own agenda.

House GOP Whip Eric Cantor echoed earlier statements by me that "Enough is enough!" We should never tolerate the kind of hate speech being spread and inspired by Democrats today!

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