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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Left's Phony Evidence that Congressman was Spit on by Tea Partier

UPDATE: Man arrested Monday for threat to kill House GOP Whip Eric Cantor
Norman, Leboon, a white man claiming to be a muslim was arrested for making explicit threats to kill Rep. Cantor and his wife in a You Tube video where he warns them to enjoy their last YomPhotobucket Kippur.

UPDATE: Bricks thrown through GOP HQ in Virginia

Three windows were smashed by bricks at the Albemarle County GOP headquarters in Charlottlesville, Virgina last week.

This is a serious escalation of the hate-filled racist speech directed at Republicans like Michelle Bachmann last week.

No doubt the people perpetrating these crimes feel empowered to do so by Democrats who actively fan the flames with their phony claims of racist activity among Tea Partiers. See below....
[end of update]

See the video. There was a Capitol Policewoman standing right there. If the Congressman had been intentionally spit on, the man would have been arrested!

We challenged the racebaiting liars who falsely claimed the Tea Partiers were a violent bunch of racists to come up with proof that the protesters outside the U.S. Capitol preceding the Sunday vote on health care were as bad as they have said over and over and over.

Funny thing is, that even with all those video cameras rolling, they couldn't come up with one example. Until now.

The Huffington Post is in high dudgeon (for you libs who went to public school, that means they have their Huffington panties in a real twist) with this new video which they claim shows a man spitting on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver as he walks up the steps to the House office building.

Note that Cleaver is immediately preceded by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. running his own video and that directly behind Cleaver is a U.S. Capitol Policewoman who is looking directly at the man as he is supposed to be "spitting."

I have no doubt the man is shouting VERY LOUD as we can hear. But it's clear he was not spitting!

And, let's not forget that the Huffington Post has been the source of articles and comments openly wishing for the assassination of Vice President Cheney.

I suppose it matters not that the "evidence" here is as phony as the rest of the claims these racebaiters use to whip up racial hatred towards the GOP and the Tea Partiers. They know that all they need is an accusation for it to make headlines. But at some point, the absurdity of their claims is bound to expose them to the condemnation they deserve.

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