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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sparks Fly in Rubio/Crist Debate

Rubio takes the high road. Obama-embracing Crist focuses on negative attack politics. Guess who won?

RUBIO to Crist: "We Can't Trust You To Stand Up To Barack Obama"

Part II here.

The race for the Republican nomination of the Florida Senate seat up in 2010 just got hotter. Rubio already leads in all polling for the contest set to take place on August 24th. Writing at the Politico, Jonathon Martin acknowledges that Rubio dominated the debate. One central theme was the Obama stimulus which Gov. Crist embraced:
“The choice for Republicans in Florida is: Do you want a candidate that would have stood up to Barack Obama, voted against the stimulus and supported something that would have cost less money and created more jobs?” said Rubio. “If that’s the candidate you want, that would be me. Or do you want the next Republican senator from Florida to be someone who would have voted with the Democrats for the stimulus package, and that candidate would be Gov. Crist?”
Rubio refuses to let the voters of Florida forget this picture of Gov. Crist embracing a smiling Obama and supporting the failed stimulus.

Visit Marco Rubio's web site to learn more about his campaign and to contribute to this rising conservative star. Note that he stands 100% in favor of repealing the monstrous health care takeover bill.

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