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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Obama's "Highest Priority" is NOT the Oil Spill

It seems that greeting athletic teams and partying with celebrities is the first call on his time!

Remember how Obama said he "will not rest" until the oil spill in the Gulf is stopped? And that tackling this problem is the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last thing at night? Some are beginning to wonder if that's the only time he thinks about the oil disaster.

We know he's fond of recycling focus group tested rhetoric as he's made similar statements about a number of issues. But it's getting to be a bit of a joke with all the fun and games going on inside the White House while the oil keeps gushing.

Last night, it was time to party with Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles. They turned the White House East Room into something that more closely resembled a stage at a disco. And while the Obama's sang the night away with Sir Paul, the oil continued to gush from the sea floor.


Even Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has had enough. Check out this video clip from Tuesday's show.

One thing you can say about Obama is that he's certainly NOT resting! But he's not working on stopping the oil spill and cleaning up the mess either!

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