John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Young People in Saudi Arabia Seek to Change Oppressive System

Is there hope for their future?

This documentary from MTV, "Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia" is a first hand look into the oppressive nature of Saudi society and how some young people are hoping for change. But how do you rebel against society, like any American teenager, when doing so in Saudi Arabia can land you in jail?

The restrictions between Saudi boys and girls are particularly harsh. What is a teenager to do?

Notice the boy with the Obama button hanging from his car's dashboard. Did he stop to think that Obama's Cairo speech actually validated the extreme oppression this boy suffers from? Instead, he should honor First Lady Laura Bush, who made it a personal mission through several high profile efforts in Saudi Arabia to loosen the grip of extreme Islam.

The fear these young people live with must be an incredible burden.

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