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John Bolton

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Party Night at the White House

Millions of Americans out of work, an oil spill destroys the Gulf and Obama Parties, Golfs and Vacations!

What's the first thing most Americans do after getting back from vacation? Catch up on important work at the office and make sure that any crisis is under control? What Obama did after coming back from his mini-vacation to Maine is turn the White House into a Broadway stage for yet ANOTHER party!

In June, Barack and Michelle invited Beatles founder Paul McCartney in for a sing along. Monday was Broadway night...


With the portraits of George and Martha Washington looking on, Obama kicks off yet another party in the White House East Room.

The video feature included in Obama's Teleprompter Will Not Rest reminds us that Obama averaged one party every three days his first year in office. It seems the average for his second year won't be far behind.

I wonder what the folks who are out of work because of the economy or the oil spill think of a President who puts party time before the responsibilities of office?

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