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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Defeat Obama, Pelosi and Reid's Puppets!

First of new ads targets Obama's rubber stamp Democrats!

Kicking off the Mike's America fundraiser that keeps yours truly on the job, I prepared my first list of targeted must win Senate races for 2010. I'm proud to see that Missouri's Roy Blunt, who tied with Richard Burr in North Carolina for tenth place, putting out the following ad:

As much as Obama would like to run away from the 2010 election result that will be a referendum on his failed presidency, GOP candidates should be encouraged to hold Obama and Democrat candidates accountable for their incompetence, lack of leadership, fiscal irresponsibility and unwillingness to listen to the voice of the American people who say "ENOUGH!"

Target the Pelosi Puppets!

The above ad can be repeated across the nation in House races too. The Washington Post has a list of Congressional Representatives ranked by how closely they vote with Obama and Pelosi. Note the number of Democrats who vote in near lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and B. Hussein Obama. Many of them, especially so-called Blue Dog Democrats like Mike Ross (D-AR) who danced to Obama and Pelosi's tune 94.8% of the time, are vulnerable this November.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has a new feature at their web site called "Race of the Day" where they highlight many of these vulnerable Dems. They also have a sister site called "Pelosi's Puppets" showing the link between votes to support Pelosi and the Speaker's use of a very liberal funding network to reward Dem Representatives for their votes.

And keep in mind that the best antidote to Pelosi's Puppets are targeted contributions to worthy GOP House and Senate candidates. And don't forget to help out the NRCC. It's no good supporting players on the team if you don't also help out the coach!

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