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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Voter Intimidation and Racism Not News if the Perps are Black

The Washington Post explains why they haven't covered the Black Panther's story.

In a story set to be buried deep in the Washington Post's "A" section on Sunday, the Ombudsman for the paper describes his concern that the Post waited until last Thursday to run any news of the Black Panther voter intimidation case. What's more, the post hasn't covered any of the charges of political interference at the Dept. of Justice which dropped the case. Nor have they weighed in with a condemnation of the Black Panthers who went on to publicly declare that they need to "kill some [white] babies."

Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander insists that: "coverage is justified because it's a controversy that screams for clarity that The Post should provide. If Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his department are not colorblind in enforcing civil rights laws, they should be nailed. If the Commission on Civil Rights' investigation is purely partisan, that should be revealed. If Adams is pursuing a right-wing agenda, he should be exposed."

In explaining WHY the post didn't cover the story, National Editor Kevin Merida, who admits the controversy is "significant," and according to Alexander "said he wished The Post had written about it sooner. The delay was a result of limited staffing and a heavy volume of other news on the Justice Department beat."

Really? Too busy covering other news?

Yet in 2006 when Senator George Allen (R-VA) was running for re-election the post devoted at least a dozen front page stories to what is now called Allen's “Macaca Moment" in which he used the word “Macaca” to describe the opposition researcher from his opponents campaign who followed Allen around with a video camera. The Post went on to reference the issue in 112 news stories and editorials. The Post ran Allen's senate campaign, and any presidential hopes into the ground. Surely, there must have been other news to cover?

Corruption and racial favoritism in Obama's Justice Department with Black Panthers intimidating voters and threatening to kill white babies isn't news but dozens and dozens of stories about "Macaca" (whatever that means) IS news?

It's clear that corruption and racism have dug deeper into the fabric of American life than Obama's Dept. of Justice. Obviously, the Post's writers and editors suffer from the disease as well!

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