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John Bolton

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Name Your Top Five Reasons Obama Failed in Gulf Oil Cleanup

They should expand this list to top five reasons his presidency is a failure!

So now Obama's taking his seventh vacation in Maine starting this week. Funny how he didn't want to spend his time on the Gulf of Mexico and that he had to send the family dog Bo on a separate jet (carbon footprint anyone?) rather than take the dog with the family.

And we should all be happy Obama is on vacation... AGAIN... instead of sitting in the White House cooking up new socialist schemes to destroy what's left of our freedoms. But people are rightfully upset that Obama seems incapable of demonstrating executive leadership in a crisis or emergency (remember Hillary Clinton's ad about the 3 AM phone call? See the Mike's America version).

The RNC has a new web page readers may wish to visit where they can select their own "Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things Obama Has Done Since the Oil Spill." Here's the one I put together:


Make your own list here.

Be sure and share the link to your list in the comment's section!

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