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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Bill So Bad It Doesn't Even Have a Name

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls House back into session for big government/union bailout!

It seems the Democrats habit of not reading bills before voting on them has come full circle. Now, Congress is being asked to consider a bill that doesn't even have a name, yet was so important Nancy Pelosi insisted the House come back into session to pass it.

House GOP Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has the full story on this latest legislative malpractice. First, it's another $26 billion dollars down a rat hole. But what's that big deal you say? Obama's pushed the deficit to about 50 times that amount this year and last. But don't worry, this bailout is paid for with higher taxes that are sure to be job killers.
Next, it's another big bailout for big government and the unions behind them. Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe it's time we started to do something for the rest of the country? How about the millions in the private sector who can't find work instead of another bailout to Obama's big union backers.

After all, we learned this week from USA Today that average salaries for State and Local government workers exceed those in the private sector by almost $9,000. That figure is dwarfed by the average earnings of federal workers.

House GOP Leader Boehner is fed up with this latest scam:
BOEHNER: “This taxpayer bailout was a direct order from Washington unions to Democratic leaders. Instead of listening to the American people who are asking Congress to focus on creating jobs and cutting spending, Democrats are carrying water for their union allies in Washington. The American people want us to end the bailouts. Republicans are listening, through our America Speaking Out project, and offering better solutions.”
Name the bill

Congress’ official Web site calls it the ‘______Act of____,’ and the Library of Congress’ Thomas Web site displays it as the ‘XXXXXX Act of XXXX.’Despite Boehner's objections, he offered to help Democrats with this legislation by suggesting a few names for the bill:
-- Save Our ‘Stimulus’ (SOS) Act
-- ‘Recovery Summer’ Bailout Act (Cash for Flunkers)
-- Delivering Unions a Major Boost (DUMB) Act
-- Helping Election Expenditures, Hurting American Workers (HEEHAW) Act
-- Democracy is Strengthened by Clearly Leveraging and Optimizing Special-Interests’ Effectiveness (DISCLOSE) Act
-- Holding Union Bosses Over Until Card Check Act
-- Rescuing Incumbent Democrats Is Costly (RIDIC) Act
-- Summertime Cash for Union Bosses Instead of Spending Cuts for Taxpayers Act
-- Frivolous Act of Ineffective Largesse (FAIL) Act
-- Naming These Things Hasn’t Gotten Us Anywhere, So Why Bother? Act
Why are Democrats in such a big hurry to throw yet another bone to their big government pals? Could it be that there's an election coming in less than 83 days and they need all the help they can get? Democrats sure can't campaign on what they have done for the rest of us!

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