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John Bolton

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Left Creates Fake Racists to Smear Tea Parties and GOP Candidates!

They can't find any evidence of racism at Tea Party events or campaigns so they make it up!

Remember when the Democrats accused the Tea Partiers protesting the health care bill on Capitol Hill of shouting the "n" word at members of the Black Congressional Caucus? And despite the fact that there were cameras everywhere, including some being carried by members of the Black Caucus, no evidence was ever found to make their case?

Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before lying lefties took it to the next level and simply fabricated events to try and use to smear the Tea Partiers. In state after state there is growing proof of a deliberate plan by Democrats to infiltrate the Tea Party movement for the purpose of causing trouble. And now, WE have evidence on tape!

This really shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, if you're bold enough to lie repeatedly about the "n" word and stir up racial animosity for the sake of your political agenda you'll do or say pretty much anything.

Sort of like Obama, Pelosi and Reid!

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