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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Boy Scouts Boo Obama

It wasn't just his disrespect to their 1ooth anniversary!

Last week the Boy Scouts of America celebrated their 100th anniversary with a once in 4 years Jamboree. Past Presidents have routinely spoken at the quadrenniel event and it was thought that Obama would speak in person this year considering the importance of the anniversary.

Instead he sent a taped message so he could attend a fundraiser in New York City and appear on the women's daytime discussion program "The View."

Here's what the Boy Scouts thought about the snub:

Listen as one boy yells "I hope you are watching this." Sadly, Obama doesn't care what the Scouts think or what anyone who opposes his policies thinks. After all, his spokesman Robert Gibbs dismissed the huge turnout and overwhelming protest vote against Obama Care in Missouri last week. He said it meant "nothing."

Of course had Obama appeared in person we would expect that the Scouts would have behaved with the utmost decorum and respect. But then again, considering how Obama seeks to undermine the values of honor, duty, patriotism and love of country that the Scouts hold dear they might have booed him anyway.

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