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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Joe Wilson Opens Bluffton Campaign HQ

Across the country citizens are getting jazzed and ready to take their country back!

photo by Mike's America

With 86 days to go before the November election dozens of Lowcountry, South Carolina residents turned out on Saturday in Bluffton, SC to help Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) and his wife Roxanne (holding the scissors) open the local campaign headquarters for the Congressman's fall re-election effort.

Joe will always be a hero to conservatives for his admittedly intemperate outburst during President Obama's address to Congress in September 2009 where he shouted "YOU LIE" [video] after Obama claimed his health care bill would not cover illegal aliens. Later, the White House conceded that the bill might cover illegals after all as there was no enforcement provision to prevent it.

While other members of Congress may take fancy trips to foreign destinations on the taxpayers dime, Joe Wilson came directly to Bluffton after returning from Afghanistan and the Middle East. This was his 10th visit to Afghanistan and he sees slow progress in what is still a very dangerous situation. The story of his trip is here.

Unlike some Democrats who are avoiding Town Hall meetings with their constituents, Joe has kept up a hectic schedule of events throughout his district and proved he can listen as well as legislate. The Town Hall I attended last year was an overflow crowd eager to hear Joe's views on Obama Care (he's against it).

Joe is a reliable voice for conservatives in his district and I am proud to say I wholeheartedly support him. His campaign web site is here and readers are encouraged to make a donation to his campaign.

Solid Proof of GOP Enthusiasm for Fall Campaign

The enthusiasm so evident among those attending the event for Joe Wilson is a scene being repeated all across the country as we enter the final stretch of what will be one of the most important elections in recent memory.

Fed up with Obama's big government power grab and a Democrat controlled congress that refuses to listen to the voice of the American people, opinion polls across the board show an unprecedented surge of voter opposition to the Democrats.

But what counts more than opinion polls are the polls where voters actually cast ballots. And throughout this primary season, in so many states, we've seen large increases in turnout for GOP candidates that dwarfs that of earlier years.

Sean Trende (appropriate name) is the Senior Elections Analyst for RealClearPolitics. In the chart below he compares GOP turnout in past elections with that in three primaries which occurred last week in Kansas, Missouri and Michigan. The increase in the ratio of Republic turnout is dramatic and unmistakable. The opinion polls are right. Republicans are jazzed for a comeback:


Trende concludes his analysis this way:

What makes the turnout on Tuesday especially noteworthy is its proximity to the general election. Despite last year's high Republican turnout in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections, and in the Massachusetts special election in January, Democrats believed they had plenty of time to rally their troops and that once the health care debate was behind them, the economy was improving, and the campaigns got under way, they would be able to sufficiently neutralize the enthusiasm gap. But it is now less than 100 days to Election Day, and after Tuesday's vote it appears the enthusiasm gap remains as large as ever.
A Challenge to Readers: Get involved!

Democrats have only just begun to fight back. They will have millions of dollars to spend on behalf of their candidates and their big union/big government allies will spend millions more while sending an army of volunteers out to work on campaigns.

How can you help?

  • Make sure every eligible member of your family, your friends and associates are registered to vote. Provide them with information on the candidates and issues if they are not well informed. Make sure they vote either in person or by absentee. Deadlines for registration and absentee ballots are thirty days before the election so don't put this off.
  • Contact your local GOP party officials and find out where their election headquarters is and offer to volunteer. Many county parties and local candidates also organize phone calls to voters reminding them of the importance of this election. Often, this can be done from the convenience of your own home.
  • Contribute money to the candidates you support. You don't have to live in a district to send money to that campaign. Each of us can cast a vote with our wallets. That's why I prepared my list of the top ten Senate candidates whose races we need to win to retake the Senate.
  • Contribute money to your local, state and the national GOP. They are working hard to coordinate the effort at every level. We won't have a winning team if we don't support the coaches.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper emphasizing the importance of this election and how this is the first step to restoring the freedoms under threat by Obama's big government power grab.

Time is short but one thing is clear: there is a huge and mostly silent right leaning majority which outnumbers the left by a significant margin. But we must organize and work together. Those who sit on the sidelines this election will have no right to complain later. United together we can win big. Each of us can make a difference!

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