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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dems Abandon Obama as "Recovery Summer" Becomes Recession Relapse!

But will panicked Dems really be able to sell voters on the idea they are "independent?"

In the last few weeks there has been a slew of bad news. First, new claims for unemployment hit a record high of 500,000 the week of August 19th. Remember how V.P. Joe Biden predicted in April that we would see 500,000 NEW jobs every month this summer? This was preceded by another record in home foreclosures in July. Friday, August 27, we learn that the Federal government has revised their previous estimates of economic growth sharply downward. Previous economic growth of 2.4% was really 1.6%.

Signs of a possible double dip recession are everywhere, but nowhere more clear and personal than the lingering unemployment numbers. Compare the current state of unemployment in the Obama Depression to past recessions:


Panicked Democrats Distance Themselves from Obama, Reid and Pelosi

Employers are not hiring. The uncertainties caused by Obama's economic policies and health care reform are strangling the economy. Obama has become a jobs killer. Democrats who went along with Obama and the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate are staring to panic. The Politico has a piece this week in which some Dems admit that they will lose the House of Representatives this fall.

Ten days ago, I shared this great video of Dems aboard Air Force One with Obama suddenly hitting the escape chute to get away like the Jet Blue flight attendant. But truth is even stranger than fiction. Now, we are seeing ads from Democrats openly distancing themselves from Obama and trying to claim they are independent, even refusing to identify themselves as Democrats.

First, there's Rep. Bobby Bright (DEMOCRAT-AL) who openly speculates whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "might get sick and die." Bright has an ad out where he touts his independence and no votes on health care and bailouts. Bright calls himself an "Independent Conservative" and never once mentions he is a Democrat. But he still voted with his Nancy Pelosi 71% of the time and his place in the Democrat House caucus allows them to continue Pelosi's reign of liberal tyranny.

Rep. Jason Altmire (DEMOCRAT-PA) has a similar ad touting his Independence. In it, a voter claims Altmire is "not afraid to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, and the President." But, he voted with Pelosi 88.6% of the time.

Then, there's Rep. Joe Donnelly, (DEMOCRAT-IN) who has run ads touting his independence and another where he sounds a lot like a Republican as he comes out in favor of strong enforcement of illegal immigration. But he voted with Pelosi 88% of the time and with Obama 85% of the time.

And how about Rep. Mike McIntyre (DEMOCRAT-NC) who claims in his ad "I don't work for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or anyone else." McIntyre claims his priority is jobs. Too bad North Carolina's unemployment rate at 9.8% still exceeds the national average. McIntyre voted with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time.

Ask Your Rep: Did You Vote for Pelosi?

If you have a Democrat representing you in Congress (my sympathies) go to one of their Town Hall or election meetings and ask them: Did YOU vote to put Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker's Chair? And if they try and tell you how "independent" they are point to this list from the Washington Post which shows how often they voted with Pelosi. Then ask if they are so independent, why are they still a Democrat?

Obama: I'm Here to Save You!

Readers may recall that in January, retiring House Democrat Marion Berry (AR) in a meeting with Obama "warned of a midterm bloodbath comparable to the 54-seat D-to-R swing in 1994." Obama told the group of Dems, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’

Funny, but most Dems in trouble (and that's A LOT) don't want to be seen anywhere near Obama. He's their biggest electoral albatross!

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