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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Says U.S. More Guilty Than Al Queda

This is the guy who is supposed to be a model of moderation and it's bigoted for us to oppose his mosque?

From Keep America Safe:

Imam Rauf: "The United States has more Muslim blood on it's hands than Al Queda has on it's hands of innocent non-Muslims."

The wording may be a bit Clintonian, but the statement might actually be true. Notice how he doesn't claim we have killed "innocent muslims." Yes, we have killed a great number of Muslim terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. But Al Queda TARGETS innocent civilians. They have also killed large number of innocent Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is it any wonder that overwhelming majorities of the American people in poll after poll see this Imam and his cohorts for what they are?

CBS: 72% of Americans Oppose Ground Zero Mosque
Rasmussen: 62% Oppose Ground Zero Mosque/Only 25% Support
CNN: 68% of Registered Voters Oppose Mosque At Ground Zero
Marist: Strong Majority in NYC Oppose GZ Mosque; Mayors #’s Plummet
Siena: 56% of NYC Residents Oppose Ground Zero Mosque
Quinnipiac: Strong Majority of NYers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

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