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Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Aides Consider National Ad Blitz Attacking Tea Party

Like this is any different from what they have been doing the past 18 months?

In yet another sign that Obama and the Democrats are desperate to talk about anything but their own failures since Obama was elected, Dems are now considering a nationwide ad campaign attacking the Tea Partiers. The NY Times has the full story .

Obama and Democrats from Pelosi and Reid on down have already tried to paint Tea Partiers and earlier Town Hall protesters as "un-American," racist and "extreme" and it hasn't paid off. How foolish would it be for them to take their limited campaign war chests for one final assault on common sense Americans?

Toby Harnden, writing in the British newspaper The Telegraph on Saturday recounts his own personal experience with the Tea Parties. And like so many of us, he sees them as American as apple pie. Harnden found no evidence of wild eyed extremism on mass display at the Tea Party event he attended just as millions who turn out for similar events see nearly a solid sea of red, white and blue.

On issue after issue, the Tea Partiers represent the mainstream view of Americans as this recent ad indicates:

The NY Times article goes on to report that Obama will be in full campaign mode the next few weeks as it that's anything new. But he's going to try a few mass rallies to regain the energy among his base that's been lost by his failure to lead as president. For his sake, he'd better hope he can fill the hall next time unlike his recent performance near Cleveland.

When Obama attacks the Tea Parties he is attacking America. His attacks only serve to highlight that it is Obama and the Democrats who are the real extremists!

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