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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hillary Clinton Debuts Halloween Hairdo at UN

Is she trying to frighten Iran's Ahmadinejhad?

As the Huffington Post once described it, Hillary Clinton's hair has had it's "ups and downs." Take a look at the Huffpo retrospective look at Hillary's hair over the decades.

But this latest look, coming as it does little more than a month before Halloween, has some people scratching their head and wondering: what could she be thinking?

The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, has full details and more photos in a story titled: "Oh Hillary, that hairstyle just doesn't cut it."

Readers may recall the audio of the famous Hillary Clinton cackle which seems a perfect match for her new look:

In the past Hillary's hair changes have signaled the start of some new political campaign. Can it be that this do is a signal that she's thinking of taking on Obama in 2012?

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