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Saturday, September 18, 2010

SORE LOSER: Alaska Senator Murkowski Betrays State's GOP Voters with Write In Campaign

State & Senate GOP Leaders condemn disrespect of primary voter's choice!

In comments elsewhere prior to the Delaware Senate GOP primary last week I stressed the importance of respecting the voter's decision. That was true whether Castle or O'Donnell won. If any of us intend to play a useful, mature role in the two party political process, we have to accept the decision of the voters and support their choice, even when we disagree.

It's not always an easy standard to live up to. Especially when egos or ideology get in the say. Unfortunately, Alsaka Sen. Lisa Murkowski has decided it is more important for her to cling to office rather than respect the voter's decision to nominate Joe Miller in the recent Alaska primary.

From Politico:
Saying voters need “one Republican woman who won't quit on Alaska,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced Friday evening that she would wage a write-in campaign to retain her seat.

Murkowski, who was unexpectedly defeated in her Republican primary last month, made her announcement in Anchorage to the chants of supporters yelling, “Run, Lisa, Run.”
“I announce today that I will be a write-in candidate in November for the United States Senate seat that I now hold,” Murkowski told supporters.

Murkowski’s announcement carries enormous repercussions for the Senate race and even on Capitol Hill. Not only does her candidacy dramatically alter the race, but Murkowski also immediately resigned from her leadership role as Senate Republican Conference vice chairwoman, and may also face loss of her seniority and her position as ranking Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

In a statement, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made clear that her fellow Republican senators were rallying around the party's nominee, Joe Miller.
“Senate Republicans informed Lisa Murkowski that we will respect the will of the voters in Alaska and support the Republican nominee, Joe Miller," McConnell said.

"Lisa has served her state and our party with distinction, but Republicans acknowledge the decision Alaskans made and join them in support of the Republican nominee, Joe Miller—the next senator for Alaska.”

State Republican officials wasted no time in saying Murkowski would receive no support from the party. “I am disappointed the senator has decided not to respect the will of Alaska’s Republican primary voters," Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich said.
That bit about “one Republican woman who won't quit on Alaska,” was a direct slap at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, resigned as Governor and who beat Murkowski's father in the GOP primary for Governor years back. The comment also reveals that ego and personal animosity may be more motivating factors in Murkowski's disappointing decision than any desire to serve the voters of Alaska who rejected her in the primary.

I hope that Senate GOP leaders follow through and penalize Murkowski to the maximum extent their rules allow.

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