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Friday, December 03, 2010

Dems Play Same Old Games Calling GOP "Scrooge," "Grinch" For insisting 99 Week Unemployment Extension be Paid For!

Do they really think the American people haven't caught on to that game by now?

"Never let a crisis go to waste." That was the advice of the now departed White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who is having a hard time trying to convince Chicagoans he actually meets tthat city's residency requirements necessary to run as a candidate for mayor.

But Rahm's minions learned their lesson well. The expiration of previously extended unemployment benefits timed to come just weeks before Christmas gives Dems a perfect opportunity to accuse Republicans of being Scrooge.

Republicans have said they are willing to extend these already extended benefits, but only asked that the billions required be paid for without adding to the deficit. This same "pay go" process is something outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats embraced when they first took control of the House in 2007.

But suddenly, those who insist on pay go means you are for cutting off the unemployed right before Christmas. The editorials have already been written. Republicans are "Scrooge" or "The Grinch" and we're back to 1995 shortly after the last time the GOP took control of Congress and the Dems used that playbook to smear GOP efforts at fiscal responsiblity.

Are the American people really that stupid to fall for that line again? Maybe some, mostly Obama voters, but even that number is dwindling.

Only a month ago we concluded an election in which the American people rejected the game playing and big spending ploys Democrats have used during the past four years. Change is coming to Washington and there's no way those tired old lies will work again only weeks after being rejected.

With unemployment rising in November to 9.8% it's clear that Obamanomics hasn't worked. Rather than continue to play political games, wouldn't it be better for Democrats to finally put aside bare knuckles partisanship and work WITH Republicans to find new and better ideas to help the American people recover?

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