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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Republicans United with Bipartisan Help from Dems Reject Obama's Tax Increase on Job Creators

It's the end of Obama's big taxing plans!

The last thing American's the same week unemployment rose again to 9.8% is a tax increase on the top earners who are also the top job creators. Finally it seems that message, no doubt driven home by the November 2nd election seems to have gotten through to the U.S. Senate.

On Saturday, two roll call votes were taken in an effort to approve Obama's plan to tax top earners and kill jobs. All 42 Republicans voted no and they were joined by a handful of Democrats and Independent Joe Lieberman. Sen. Joe Manchin, who took his seat early as a replacement for the late Senator Byrd curiously voted no the first roll call and yes on the second.

These two concrete votes which effectively end Obama's plan to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 comes the same week after the symbolic letter all 42 Senate Republicans signed expressing their opposition to the Democrat's tax raising plans.

Negotiations on a final solution are underway and must proceed quickly otherwise the largest tax increase in American history will automatically take place at the end of this year. Now that Dems have been solidly defeated, it's more likely they will bargain in good faith but of course there's no guarantee of that!

Once again GOP Senators are backing up words with deeds. And their opposition draws support from Dems who understand the Obama way is the wrong path for America!

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