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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Record Low Temps Four Days in a Row at Cancun Global Warming Summit

I hope the partygoers, oops, I meant "scientists" brought along their sweaters!

Last year's Global Warming party in Copenhagen was met by a blizzard which crippled the town during the meeting. No doubt the party planners for this year's conclave of whacko environmentalists and global socialists thought they would escape any embarrassing weather by holding their meeting in Mexico.

How'd that work out?

7 Dec 10 - " With the UN Climate Change Conference underway in Cancun to discuss the dangers of Global Warming, the resort host location is experiencing its third straight day of record cold temperatures," says reader Richard Nathan.

Today the mercury fell to 53F in Cancun. The record for this date - 57F - was set in 2000.

Yesterday, the temperature in Cancun fell to 53F, a new record, and on Dec 5th it fell to 51F, yet another new record.
And on the 8th temps dropped again.

But the cold temperatures aren't stopping the delegates at this year's conclave from advancing their socialist agenda which has now come out in the open. After displaying signs that read "Time for Climate Justice" many less developed nations are demanding 1.5% of the GDP of Western nations go into a fund for the personal use of the dictators who run most of these tin pot countries.  Nowhere do these moneygrabbers seriously suggest that such a fund would make the slightest differerence in climate change.

Is it just me or does anyone else think God is laughing at the global socialists?

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