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Thursday, December 09, 2010

House Democrats Revolt! Reject Obama's Tax Deal!

And Senate Dems kill Harry Reid's Dream Act!

The Democrat meltdown on Capitol Hill accelerated Thursday as House Democrats slapped Obama in the face by rejecting the deal on tax cuts he negotiated with Senate Republicans. This squarely places House Democrats in the spotlight for endangering the deal that would have prevented a massive tax increase on ALL Americans effective January 1st. The deal would also have provided an extension of unemployment benefits for those whose checks have run out.

You can bet Dems will try and spin it the other way and claim that somehow the GOP is behind the tax increase and taking away unemployment benefits in the weeks before Christmas but it won't wash this time.

While this latest turn in the story may give Obama another opportunity to portray himself as triangulating between the parties, his failure to achieve results from his big announcement earlier this week only weakens him more.

On the other side of the Capitol it was Senate Democrats, NOT Republicans, who pulled the plug on the Dream Act which meant amnesty for younger illegal immigrants and opened the door for amnesty for all illegals.

The Dem meltdown is just beginning!

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