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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dems Rhetoric on Arizona Shooting More Damaging and Divisive Than Anything Said on the Right!

The "climate of hate" Dems decry is one which they themselves have created!

I expected that in the wake of the tragic massacre in Arizona last Saturday that some on the left would try to use it to score political points. What I did not expect is how widespread that disgraceful and shameful conduct would be or that it would continue long after the facts of the case revealed not one shred of evidence to connect the shooter to conservatives in any way, shape, manner or form.

Worse still have been the statements of elected Democrat leaders in both the House and Senate. On the Sunday news shows and in various interviews a surprising number have come forward to point fingers at the right and make the absurd claim that somehow our political opposition to the left's unpopular agenda is to blame. Again, there is nothing to support that claim.

What's more disturbing is that at a time of national tragedy, Democrat leaders and their accomplices in the "news" media would willfully make false statements which can only cause greater anger and division at this sad time.

Bill O'Reilly had this very excellent commentary as his Talking Points memo for Monday, January 10, 2010 in which he goes into great detail. Make sure to click the full screen icon at the bottom right corner of the video player.

Brit Hume: Liberals Project Hate Onto Opponents

Brit Hume discusses the wider malady in liberal land of assuming anyone who opposes their policies is somehow guilty of hate or some other evil. Hume also pokes holes in the idiotic idea that regulating political speech, something which is barred by the U.S. Constitution, would have any impact at all on deranged persons like the Arizona shooter:

Glenn Beck, who is also pointed at by Democrats and blamed for stirring up anger that might lead to violence had the following well thought out reaction on his Monday show. His attitude can best be summed up in his words that Dems should "stop playing the game" that only adds fuel to the very fire they claim to want to extinguish. Beck also traces other recent violent attacks in which Dems attempted to falsely ascribe some right wing motive to the attacker:

More from Beck's Monday show at GlennBeck.Com.

If there is a "climate of hate" in this country it is one that has been actively generated and fanned by Democrats both in and out of elected office. As Beck says, it's time for them to "stop playing the game" before more people get killed!

Should greater violence spread as a result of the irresponsible malicious, demonstrably false, and defamatory statements of Democrats in the wake of this shooting and similar events, the blame will fall on them and them alone!

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