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Monday, January 10, 2011

Left's Big Lie on Arizona Shooting Reached New Heights with Claims he Was Registered Republican Whose Heroes Were Right Wing

It doesn't matter that it's all been exposed as a lie. Lefties WANT to believe it!

Even as late as this Monday, January 10, 2011 the disinformation campaign continues. On the Democrat's Underground and other lib sites, the breathless news broke that the shooter in the Arizona massacre was a registered Republican. Some of the stories even included a fake screenshot of voter information from Arizona which purported to show shooter Jared Loughner was a Republican. The lie was quickly debunked with actual news stories like this:
Loughner registered to vote for the first time in 2006, said Chris Roads, Pima County's registrar of voters. He registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008 general election.
But does anyone think he voted for McCain?

But lefties never let facts get in the way of what they believe and a number of the comments at Democrats Underground like the following prove the point: "he should register as a republican because he acts like one."

Fake Facebook Page Links Loughner to Conservatives

This is a screen image of one of a number of fake Facebook pages purporting to show links between the shooter and Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others. Actual page here. Note the obvious misspelling of the shooter's name


Growing Evidence Points to Disturbed Individual Which Democrat Sheriff Failed to Stop

Why do you suppose the left has been so desperate to point the finger of blame at conservatives? Can it be because they themselves are partly responsible for failing to take the obvious measures that would have prevented this horrific crime?

Take for instance the Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a very partisan Democrat whose statements attempting to blame conservatives has attracted such attention. His office was well aware that that Loughner had previously made death threats:
Dupnik said the suspected shooter has made death threats before and been contacted by law-enforcement officers. The threats weren't against Giffords, Dupnik said.

Yet it appears that little or no action was taken to address this serious issue prior to Loughner's attack last Saturday.

Ban guns, violent music, films, speech, books,  video games, occult and stronger drug laws?

In the wake of the shooting and the resulting left wing hysteria the effort is underway to blame the gun, not the shooter. Democratic Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of New York plans to introduce a new bill to control guns.

Meanwhile, we also learn today that Loughner had a sort of shrine with a human skull replica in an area of his backyard. We know Loughner had a drug problem and failed a drug test in 2008 which excluded him from service in the military. In High School Loughner listened to "hard core, heavy metal music." On Loughner's My Space page he listed the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's memoir, as among his favorite books.

Should we also now seek to ban occult worship? Enact stronger drug laws? What about banning heavy metal music and books like the Communist Manifesto? Should we stop there? What about violent video games which might inspire a new generation of shooters? What about new measures to get help for others who are mentally ill and not currently seeking care?

Will the liberals who are so quick to condemn conservative free speech readily accept a limitation on any of the above other than guns? I doubt it. But then, they are not really serious about the violence in our culture or they would have acted long ago to stem the tide of blood which grips many of our inner cities run exclusively by Democrats.

We won't solve this problem in our culture until we are honest about it's REAL roots and causes. Unfortunately, the big lie currently in vogue is to blame Conservatives. Keep that up and nothing will change!

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