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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nine Year Old's Trip to Disney Ruined After Homeland Security Ruled Him a Threat and Refused Entry to U.S.

And yet terrorists on a watch list seem to have no problem!

Remember the would be Christmas Day bomber whose underwear failed to detonate over Detroit, Michigan last year? His name was on a terrorist watch list and his Nigerian father was desperately trying to warn U.S. officials that his son might be about to commit a terrorist act. But yet, he was allowed to board a plane bound for the U.S. on Christmas Day 2009.

Since then, our government started frisking nuns and three year old children before allowing them to board planes. Transportation Security personnel stick their hands down the pants of children and others checking for explosive underwear. The alternative is to have a naked full body scan taken with the promise that the image will never be made public (until Wikileaks gets a copy).

The result of all this personal intrusion and violation of constitutional safeguard against unwarranted searches? Not one terrorist has been apprehended!

So what's next to harass the public? How about banning nine year old kids from being admitted to the country so they can visit Disney World. If it wasn't bad enough already how the Obama Administration treats the Brits  (have you seen the latest snub), then consider this:

Boy, 9, has Disney World trip ruined after US immigration rules him a threat
A nine-year-old boy's dream trip to Disney World was ruined when US immigration officials ruled he was a threat.
The Daily Telegraph (U.K)
January 14, 2011

Civil servants Kathy and Edward Francis planned to surprise their grandson Micah Strachan with the holiday of a lifetime to Florida in February.

They were only going to tell Micah about it when they took him to the airport on February 19 for the flight to the US.

They had already spent more than £1,500 on plane tickets and had been organising the trip for months.

But this week US Embassy officials denied the schoolboy a visa to enter the US.

They said there was a risk he would not leave the US at the end of his holiday and refused his application under Section 214 (b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
Meanwhile, thousands of pregant illegal aliens are crossing our borders to give birth in the U.S. and get residency based on their child's automatic U.S. citizenship. What a shame we don't reassign the petty bureaucrats responsible for this decision to the U.S. border with Mexico so they can actually do the job they are supposed to be doing!

But hey Brit kid, don't feel bad about missing Disney World. You've already gotten the Mickey Mouse treatment from the Obama Administration. Maybe you'll get lucky and ole big ears himself will send you an apology!

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