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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Left Wing AZ Shooting Victim Makes Death Theat to Tea Party Leader at Tucson Meeting

Imagine the headlines if it were a Tea Partier making the threats!

Hat tip to Moonbattery for passing along this gem. In the wake of Democrats one way fingerpointing at conservatives blaming them for the Arizona shooting a week ago and their one sided calls for civility I suppose it was just a matter of time before some left winger out there broke under the strain of all that negativity and misplaced blame.

But you might have thought that one of the victims of last week's tragedy would know better. Sadly, that's not the case:

Shooting rampage victim arrested at ABC-TV town hall meeting
KGUN9 Tucson
January 15, 2011

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Two things are clear from Saturday's ABC News town hall meeting in Tucson. One: Tucsonans are eager to move forward and recover from last week's horrible shooting rampage. And two: that process is going to be slow and painful. That latter point was driven home by the arrest of a shooting victim, who threatened a speaker during the taping of the program.
The theme of the event was "An American Conversation Continued" -- the idea being to continue the conversation that a madman's brutal rampage had interrupted. So it was inevitable that the conversation would eventually turn to politics. It did, toward the end, with Amanpour leading a discussion on a very touchy but obvious topic: gun control.

That's where the atmosphere turned tense. When Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries rose to suggest that any conversation about gun control should be put off until after the funerals for all the victims, witnesses say Fuller became agitated. Two told KGUN9 News that finally, Fuller took a picture of Humphries, and said, "You're dead."
The event wrapped up a short time later. Deputies then escorted Fuller from the room. As he was being led off, Fuller shouted loudly to the room at large. Several witnesses said that what they thought they heard him shout was, "You're all whores!"

A Pima County Sheriff's spokesman told KGUN9 News that the department has charged Fuller with one count of threats and intimidation, and said they plan to charge him with at least one count of disorderly conduct. Humphries told KGUN9 News that he does plan to press those charges.
Fuller, who is a left wing activist, blamed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sharon Angle for last week's massacre. Apparently, the irony of him now making death threats in public and on television is lost on him.

But don't expect to see any elected Democrat officials, or any Republican leaders for that matter, rushing to the microphones to condemn the violent rhetoric used by Fuller. After all, this kind of thing is common among those on the left.

The L.A. Times reported that Fuller was taken into custody for an involuntary mental evaluation. What a shame we don't extend that practice to others on the left who have let anger rule them for far too long!

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