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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shooting at CA High School: Is the Left to Blame?

Did the left's phony charges of racism cause shooter to act?

Here are the only facts we have at this time: the shooter,  a black student at Gardenia High School in Los Angeles County, CA opened fire this morning injuring three students. The shooter is now in custody.

Now, applying the rule that Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner, professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton and columnist at the New York Times used within hours of the massacre in Arizona earlier this month we are free to speculate, even to blame the cause of the shooting on the left wing's phony charges of racism directed at Tea Partiers in the health care debate.

Perhaps the shooter believed the white hot rhetoric which falsely accused Tea Partiers of spitting on black Congressmen and using the "n" word. Maybe the shooter snapped after being told repeatedly by those on the left that his life in white dominated society was meaningless.

We don't know what motivated him but does it really matter? After all, Krugman and the left insisted that despite facts to the contrary, those on the right created a climate of hate that certainly could have contributed to the mental breakdown of Tucson shooter Jared Loughner.

So, it can reasonably be argued that the same may be true here except that it is the left's constant race baiting rhetoric that has created and exacerbated racial tensions in this country and possibly led to this violent act.

History of Left's Propaganda Inspiring Violence

After all, readers may recall that just last September a man with a gun took hostages at the offices of the Discovery Channel demanding they do more to promote global warming. He was inspired by "the novel “Ismael” by environmentalist Daniel Quinn and Al Gore’s documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth.'"

In March 2010, parents of a family in Argentina attempted to commit mass suicide first killing a toddler, then shooting their 7 month old baby before turning the gun on themselves. The baby survived with a gunshot wound lying next to her dead parents and sibling for three days. The reason for the suicide? A note revealed the parents were afraid of global warming.

And of course Ted Kaczynski had a heavily highlighted copy of Al Gore's book in his Montana cabin hideout.

Do I qualify for a Nobel Prize for jumping to conclusions based solely on my political prejudices and in the absence of fact or has does Paul Krugman have a monopoly on that license?

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