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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are Wisconsin Union Protesters Racist?

Tea Partiers were accused of racism with "predominantly white" crowds that had many more black faces than the Wisconsin protests!

Ironic Surrealism v3.0 has a very interesting take on the Wisconsin union protests. Remember all the reports of Tea Party events where the "news" media went out of their way to describe the crowd as "predominately white?" Well, Ironic gathered together a bunch of photos from the Wisconsin union protests. I posted one below. Let's play a new game. It's called SPOT THE BLACK! There is at least one African-American in the crowd. But compared to the average Tea Party gathering it might as well be a meeting of the KKK.

Spot the Black!

If the same standards that were applied to the Tea Parties were applied to the Wisconsin protests we could say with no shame that the Wisconsin union protesters are racist!

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