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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Great Government Shutdown of 2011

Dems are trying to overturn the results of a free election by abandoning their offices and responsibility!

Empty Chairs in the Indiana House Chamber as Dems refuse to do their job!

First it was the dwindling population of Wisconsin Dem state senators who fled the state rather than show up for the work as they were elected to do and face a vote on making benefits for teachers match more closely those of other public workers (still MUCH better than the private sector). Their numbers, decimated in 2010 elections, left them with only the power to deny a quorom by one vote and they used it rather than debate the issue.

In the Indiana house, Dems also got creamed in the 2010 election and like Wisconsin Dems lost control of the legislative body. Dems went from a narrow control of 52-48 seats to a whopping 40-60 seats. A 20 seat majority for Republicans.

Democrats in states like Wisconsin and Indiana have given away the store to labor unions for years and now the bill comes due and they leave town rather than face their responsibility. They are engaging in a form of government shutdown to block the change demanded by the voters.

But this action in these state legislatures is nothing compared to what is coming in Washingtion.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama Angling for Federal Shutdown

The last thing the Governors of Wisconsin or Indiana, and the leaders of their state legislative bodies want is a government shutdown which only makes the problems worse, not better. Sadly, in the White House, and the offices of Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the U.S. House the talk is all about a government shutdown in a high stakes showdown with the budget cutting House Republicans. Hardly a day goes by when a senior Democrat in Washington doesn't hint at a shutdown while always suggesting it will be the fault of the Republicans.

Rather than lead to find a solution which embraces the will of the voters in last November's election the Obama White House is already sending the signal to federal agencies to prepare to close up shop. No doubt the guidelines also include instructions on how to make the most political hay out of the closure.

Overturning a Landslide is a Foolish Thing to Attempt

The voters last November at both the state and federal level sent an unmistakable message that they want government to control spending and to end the cycle of tax and spend that Democrats have used to line the pockets of their union and big government supporters.

Instead of getting that message, Democrats seem stuck in the past with nothing but the same soak the taxpayer demands while resorting to absurd protests organized by union fat cats (guess how much THEY make) which only serve to highlight how the unions have raped the taxpayer at a time when most Americans are struggling.

A Rasmussen polling report indicates a ten point gap in favor of the GOP Governor of Wisconsin's effort to reign in the teacher's union. But the real mandate for efforts to control spending was delivered in the election last November. Democrats can have all the crazy, uncivil protests they want, but will the voters who gave the GOP a 2010 landslide win just look the other way as Dems try and overturn that result?

In 2012 the voters will have another chance to send Washington and state governments a message. If Dems don't wake up and start acting responsibly, they deserve the even worse "shellacking" to come!

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