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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Corruption, Fraud and Medical Malfeasance in Support of Union Protest in Wisconsin

Just another example of how when it comes to supporting a left wing agenda anything goes!

PhotobucketImagine what a teacher would do to your kid if they brought in a fake doctor's note to avoid school. You and your kid would be called to the Principal's office and the seriousness of the offense would be impressed upon you in the most direct terms.

But apparently, when it comes to violating the terms of their contract and calling in sick so as to engage in an illegal labor protest the teachers of Wisconsin don't seem to have the same concerns for ethics and law that they might otherwise impose on their students.

Not only are teachers involved in the Wisconsin protest engaging in an illegal labor action, many are now receiving fake medical notes. Hot Air has the story which was originally reported by the MacIver Institute which has photos, videos and one of the fake medical notes.

These teachers are "sick" alright!

The notes (image here) read in part: "This is confirm I have seen and evaluated the above named patient.Please excuse from work/school due to a medical condition."

From MacIver:
“I asked this doctor what he was doing and he told me they were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental or financial distress,” said Christian Hartsock. “They never performed an exam–he asked me how I was feeling today and I said I’m from California and I’m not used to the cold, so he handed me a note.”

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were handing out excuses like they were leaflets.

“I asked if they were handing out doctors’ excuses and a guy said yes and asked me if I needed one,” she said. “When I told them I needed one for February 16 and 17th, he wondered if I wanted to come back here for the protests next week.”
What happened next?

“I said, ‘sure,’ and I received a doctor’s note for the 16th through the 25th of February, without a medical exam.”
Phonying of medical records must surely be a violation of the standards of practice for physicians in Wisconsin. Surely, some sort of investigation is required by the medical board in that state.

The LIEberal Defense?

The usual suspects in the left wing blog world are lining up to do their best to blunt what is obviously wrong about these fake doctor's notes by suggesting that because the story came to light from conservative blogs and media that somehow this isn't a legitimate issue.

At the Daily Kos, they referred to the videographer and reporters who captured this story as not "disinterested witnesses:
This story is spreading like wildfire through conservative blogs and news outlets. When your wingnut Uncle Crazypants sends it along to you tonight in a capitalized, misspelled email, be sure to inform him—and all the other people on the receiving end of this garbage—about this "disinterested" witness at today's Wisconsin protests.

The point which seems to escape the Daily Kooks and other left wing hate sites is that the story is TRUE, no matter who first reported it. And not even the Daily Kos dared to defend the practice of faking medical records.

What does this say about the justness of the union protesters cause when they resort to fraud, lies and illegal labor activity to make their case?

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