John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, February 19, 2011

People Die in Iran and Libya Protests and Obama Says Nothing. Why?

How is it that he can freely toss a U.S. ally like Egypt under the bus and yet has NO interest in changing regimes of U.S. enemies?
SUNDAY UPDATE:Libyan forces fired again on mourners at funerals. Attacks are being made with machine guns, tanks, helicopters and missiles. Death toll now over 200. [1, 2]

In Iran hundreds of thousands take to the streets again on Sunday to protest the evil Islamic regime.

Where is Obama?
Amnesty International reported on Friday at 46 people had died in anti-government protests in Libya. On Saturday, reports are that 15 mourners at funerals for the protesters killed earlier were gunned down by government agents.

Where is CNN? Where is ABC, NBC, CBS???

Think back to the Egyptian crisis when we had multiple statements coming from the White House. A search of the White House web site shows page after page of statements, press releases and remarks.

Search the White House web site in regard to the Libyan situation and you find one generic statement expressing concern.

Readers will recall that we had a similar problem during the Iranian uprising in 2009 where Obama ignored the situation for about a week while Iranian democracy activists were gunned down in the streets.

Are the lives of Libyans and Iranians worth so much less to Obama? Or is it that he only inserts himself when it comes time to undermine friends and allies and takes a hands off approach to the Middle East dictatorships who are longtime enemies of the United States?

Whose side is Obama on?

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