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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Stimulus Day! Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Two Years Ago?

Where are the jobs Obama promised?

Wednesday was the second anniversary of Obama's vaunted Stimulus Bill. It cost about one $Trillion with debt and spending and passage was said to ensure that unemployment would not rise above 8%.

Here's the chart comparing Obama's projected unemployment with the stimulus and the actual figures:


Readers may also recall that at the beginning of last year Obama and Biden were promising that 2010 would be a recovery year with Biden promising that up to 500,000 jobs would be created each month. We all know the result.

Keep Obama and Biden's promises and the actual result in mind when it comes to looking at their future budget projections and other promises.

Obama Administration Skips Congressional Hearing on Stimulus

When the GOP led House Oversight Committee decided to hold hearings on the success of the stimulus they invited Obama's economic advisers who first suggested the possible results of the stimulus to testify. Both refused. More on the Stimulus side step at the blog of Speaker Boehner.

The lesson we learn from this is that Obama and the Dems will say ANYTHING to sake of political advancement. But what they actually end up doing brings more harm than help!

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