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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Are Tea Party Protests in Favor of Budget Cuts?

Dems are mobilizing the usual suspects to sway public opinion. Where is Tea Party response?

The lesson of Pontius Pilate

Those who remember the biblical story of the trial of Jesus will recall that Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea, stood before the crowd in Jerusalem and offered them a choice between saving the life of Jesus Christ and the criminal Barabbas as a traditional token of clemency on the eve of the Passover feast.

The crowd yelled both for the release of Jesus and for Barabbas. And yet Pilate, who had sought a way to free Jesus, freed Barabbas instead. Asked later why he did so the answer was simple: Barabbas's followers shouted louder.

Pilate was a politician and even though it appears he thought freeing Jesus was the just course, he was compelled by political reality to accept the demands of the mob.

Who Will Shout Louder in Budget Battle?

Once again, an angry mob is descending on Washington. It is an army of professional liberal malcontents funded by the massive progressive/socialist complex led by George Soros and company. Their aim is to derail GOP budget cutting efforts in the House of Representatives and tar the GOP so badly that it will make Obama's re-election in 2012 more likely and a GOP takeover of the Senate impossible. Anyone who remembers how Newt Gingrich and the GOP Congress were tarred and feathered in 1995 should take heed.

While House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is dealing with the tough issue of enacting real spending reform, Democrats in the House and around the country are ramping up the circus and the scare campaign.

First evidence of the circus comes as costumed characters from the PBS programs "Sesame Street" and "Arthur" linked up with a Dem Congressman on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to protest cuts in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which funds groups like the uber-liberal National Public Radio. Spreading their message across the country in a coordinated campaign, columns like this one in the Tampa Tribune feature large photos of lovable fuzzy Sesamee Street characters and text which extols the virture of public broadcasting while ignoring the evident liberal bias.

Next up is the big scare technique. Any day we might expect Dems to accuse Republicans of wanting to cut off senior citizens retirement checks. Already, the scaremongering over repeal of ObamaCare has begun. Then, there  this reprehensible ad by (funded by George Soros) which suggests that an effort to eliminate taxpayer funding for abortions (didn't Obama already promise us that NO taxpayer money would pay for abortions?) means women will be forced to use coat hangers:

A different tactic is being used on the state level in Wisconsin where the unions are protesting changes in the collective bargaining agreement with the state. Teachers took students out of school and dragged them to the State Capitol to protest. The kids didn't even know why they were there. Dems and their union allies will do ANYTHING to win!

Let's Go Egypt on Obama!

GOP Leaders on Capitol Hill are doing their very best to remain above the fray and stick to the issues. And even if they were to take on this left wing scaremongering and demagoguery we all know that the "news" media would likely ignore much of what they said.

So, it's up to us here in the grassroots to make some noise. Do you want the GOP led efforts to cut the budget and begin the process of restoring fiscal sanity in Washington to succeed? If so, start organizing those protests, town halls, marches, letters to the editor, whatever it takes.

Perhaps folks on our side thought we could take a break after winning the biggest Republican victory in a midterm election in 80 years. But sadly, our victory simply caused our liberal opponents to redouble our efforts. If we remain on the sidelines now, they will snatch our victory away before our eyes.

We cannot just sit back and expect that our sound arguments are enough to win. We have to engage in the streets and as Obama told his followers, we must "get in their face" so the "news" media will be forced to report our side of the story.

Don't let the Barabbas crowd shout louder this time and condemn the new GOP Congress to the crucifixion Democrats have planned for it!




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