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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show Me the Money! Illinois Teacher's Union is Goldmine Running State into Bankruptcy!

And all the while Dems and unions talk about preserving "vital services."

As Republicans in the U.S. House begin putting together a program of budget cuts, Dems are trotting out the same big lies they always tell. Cuts will hurt the poor, cause firemen, teachers and police to be laid off and destroy the environment. Wah! Wah! Wah! We've heard it all before and it's pure bunk!

Want an example of just how pernicious the Dems big lie on spending is? Look no further than the example of Illinois where the state is being driven into the ground financially by the Democrat labor unions. Illinois passed an emergency 66% tax increase in part to avoid drastic cuts in education.

In response to the state's budget crisis, the SEIU, IEA, IFT, AFSCME, AFL-CIO joined teachers for a rally last April. Here is one union member revealing the true goal of their protest:

"Where's the money?...Give up the bucks. Where's the cash?"

Carrying a sign which reads "don't slash vital services" notice how she tossed in a "save our children" just to make it look good. But these union shakedowns, like all the other Dem grievance mongering have nothing to do with "vital services," saving children, or seniors or the environment. It's all about power and money...for themselves!

And the proof of that is right here in a report on the salary pension liabilities of the top 100 public school officials in Illinois (full report here):


Retire at age 56 and expect an average pension of nearly $10 million! Why buy lottery tickets when you can become a teacher or school administrator?

Now of course it's entirely possible that the union loonie demanding the money in the video above is not one of the top pension earners in Illinois and just looks around at gravy train others are on and demands her share. Teacher salaries vary widely in Illinois but even average salaries for nine months of work per year can be quite high for many.

Funny how Obama, who always wants to "spread the wealth" with other people's money never seems to focus in on the union money grubbers who are making off like bandits. I guess it's only people who actually work more than nine months a year that gets his attention!
 Hat tip to Moonbattery.

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