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Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Should Play Ronald Reagan in Coming Bio Film?

PhotobucketShould a liberal who hated Reagan get the role?

The Washington Times has this story about the casting call for the biographical film about the life of Ronald Reagan.

Names of the actor's being bandied about include the following. My take follows the name:

  • Ben Affleck- Big lib, NO WAY!
  • James Franco- Could be a fine choice.
  • Zac Efron- Too pretty.
  • Jon Hamm- Maybe.
  • Ewan McGregor- Who? Too lib?
  • Robert Downey Jr.- No way!
  • Christian Bale- Maybe.
  • Russell Crowe- No way!
  • Gary Sinise- Very conservative and strong Reagan supporter, but is he Reaganeque?
  • Tom Selleck- Too old!
  • Hayden Christensen- Now that he's grown up, maybe?
  • Jim Caviezel- Good choice.
  • Chris Pine- Too pretty.
  • Hugh Laurie- Dr. House? Seriously? I don't think so.
  • Joaquin Phoenix- What?
  • Tom Hanks? Makes Ben Affleck look conservative. NO WAY!
Who is your favorite to play Reagan?

For the 99th anniversary of Reagan's birth I put together a post featuring my three favorite Reagan photographs taken by me over the years. My all time favorite photo is the black and white taken of Reagan as he addressed the crowd at a whistle stop campaign visit to Perrysburg, Ohio on October 12, 1984. The scene was lit by torches carried by volunteers giving the scene an old fashioned look. The following is one of the few color slides I also took during that visit:

Perrysburg Whistle Stop, October 12, 1984
photo by Mike's America

Update on Reagan Stamps: Sellout! I went to the Hilton Head Island, SC north end Post Office this afternoon to get the new Reagan stamp. It was sold out in the first few hours offered for sale. Fortunately, the Bluffton, SC Post Office still had a supply. It's a "forever" stamp, so no matter how high first class postage goes up you can use the 44¢ stamp for all your mailing needs forever.

Reagan Celebration Videos Online: If you missed last weekend's celebrations at the Reagan Library, the videos are now available online. Both  A Tribute to Ronald Reagan and Concert for America and the Birthday Centennial Program are available at the Reagan Foundation You Tube channel.

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