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Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Libya, U.S. Not Leading. Not Even Following

It's pretty bad when the French show more backbone than we do!

The Libyans are crying out for George Bush. The world is screaming for action to stop the killing. What is Obama doing? Not much.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at a hearing in the House of Representatives on Thursday and expressed the need for the U.S. to wait until some vague "international consensus" emerges prior to acting.
"We are working to create an international consensus because we think that is absolutely critical to anything that anybody, especially us, does," Clinton said, saying there was considerable ambivalence over what should be done.

"Absent international authorization, the United States acting alone would be stepping into a situation whose consequences are unforeseeable," Clinton said.

Clinton said the United States was focusing on humanitarian relief and building links to Libya's opposition groups, adding that the State Department had stopped working with Libya's embassy in Washington, whose ambassador was among the senior diplomats who renounced leader Muammar Gaddafi.

"We are suspending our relationships with the existing Libyan Embassy, so we expect them to end operations as the embassy of Libya," she said.
The Obama/Clinton approach basically gives Russia and China (who aren't above using force on their own people if need be) to vetoe ANY action and leave the Libyan rebels to their fate.

Meanwhile, the French, I repeat: THE FRENCH, have recognised the Libyan rebel government and are calling for air strikes against the Khaddafi regime. The British have also joined the French in calling for stronger and more immediate actions.

And yet, when U.S. leadership could be decisive in resolving the situation and removing Khaddafi from power we are voting present. All of this in keeping with Obama's deeply held views that America has no right to lead in the world due to our many flaws as he sees them. Instead of working to lead on critical issues, Obama has apologized for past U.S. leadership.

The Libyan rebels are dying because of Obama's warped view of America's role in the world. We need ACTION, not APOLOGIES!

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