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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Will Protect Business and Individuals when Fire and Police in Wisconsin "Boycott?"

Shocking! Union goons threatening citizens.

With many Wisconsin legislators getting death threats and even one Democrat congressman suggesting there needs to be blood in the streets, the law abiding citizens of Wisconsin are right to be concerned for their safety.

But surely they can count on local police and fire services to protect them and their property?

Maybe not.

Charlie Sykes at Newsradio AM620 WTMJ received a copy of a letter sent to a Milwaukee businessman , Tom Ellis, noting that he was one of Governor Walker's campaign contributors. The Letter requests that Ellis publicly come out in opposition to Walker's effort to reign in public sector unions. If not, fire and police unions may "boycott" Ellis's business.

The letter is signed by union leaders for firefighters, police and educators.
Now, imagine you are getting death threats and perhaps also threats to your property or business. You would hope that police and firefighters would be there to protect you. But when you receive a note threatening a "boycott" unless you publicly join the unions in protesting the Governor you helped to elect, you might have cause for concern that those who work in public safety jobs may not be there when you need them.

The concern of those receiving these letters is valid when we consider the legacy of union violence that has marred labor relations in this country for decades.

Union goons and the elected Democrats who support them know that in the face of possible violence and intimidation most people will buckle rather than fight. But if this kind of mass organized intimidation succeeds then violent minorities in other states will get the green light to overturn democratically elected governments and push through their agenda of greed and control.

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