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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Obama Clearly Not Up to the Job

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Not big enough to fill Bush's shoes!

Official White House Photo

Obama's job approval rating is on the decline again and it's not hard to understand why. He reversed a long negative trend from 2010 only briefly by positioning himself as the great uniter in the wake of the Tucson shooting which left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords horribly wounded and six others dead. Since then, his calls for civility in the wake of that shooting seem hypocritical and empty as he supported the Wisconsin and other union protests which have been marked by the same lack of civility and even violent rhetoric Obama claimed he sought to end.

At the same time, we saw how Obama's policy on the crisis in the Middle East has been confused, incompetent, contradictory and inconsistent. We were promised that the Obama Administration would bring a new level of competence in U.S. foreign policy and respect for us abroad. Yet, none of the smart people in the Obama White House foresaw the Egyptian crisis let alone had a plan to manage it. Obama even cut the support for democracy in Egypt and Iran put in place by President Bush. U.S. leadership has become weak and irrelevant which invites greater danger ahead.

While Obama has largely ignored foreign policy to concentrate on domestic politics, there too he has failed. How many times has he said "I will not rest" until Americans find jobs? And yet, despite his promise that if the Congress passed the $Trillion Stimulus spending bill unemployment would not rise above 8% it is still above 9%. Of course he's said he "will not rest" regarding a whole host of issues and he's right. He doesn't rest, he throws a party in the White House or goes golfing while millions of Americans remain out of work.

Instead of focusing on jobs, Obama has been indulging every left wing fantasy to come down the pike. He wasted more than a year of his presidency forcing through a vastly unpopular health care bill. Then there was the "Green" fantasy of an oil free future. He shut down new petroleum drilling in the wake of the BP oil spill and with American supplies decreasing and the Middle East in flames Americans are paying near record highs for gasoline. There is no green future anywhere on the horizon.

We are now entering a phase of dangerous inflation with the price of commodities exploding while other economic benchmarks show signs of danger or decline. Due in large part to the failure to the incompetence and left wing ideology on the part of those now in power in the White House.

You Were Warned

In 2008, conservatives warned voters that  National Journal declared Obama was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate for a reason. We warned America that his lack of experience in government was matched by the unsuitable experience of a community organizer and friend to anti-Americans like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. We warned Obama had no foreign policy experience and that his views of this country would be not only counterproductive to U.S. leadership but potentially dangerous.

We put the pieces of the puzzle together and did our best to show America the truth:

But Americans who got swept away in the cult of Obama with visions of hazy hope and change refused to listen. Many reveled in their willful ignorance:

But now, more and more Americans have seen the error of their ways and are no longer being shuck and jived by the Obama machine. In the election of 2010 a massive conservative tide swept the nation at every level of federal, state and local government. In 2012 we have to finish the job and correct this:

Suitable for printing and putting in your car's rear window.

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